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Short: Basic Time Management

“You are never going to get your time back, it’s your time - why not plan and make the most and best use of your limited time?” - Gideon Grobler

Time management is as easy as setting aside some time in the morning (or evening - preferably both morning to set the scene/goals & evening to do critical review and re-baselining); I prefer the mornings before starting any distractive or engaging work, for planning the day/week/month/year - whichever period you are comfortable with. If you find this difficult and get distracted, then remove the distraction and let the boredom do the work.

The method: you set the time, you are only allowed to do planning, nothing else (that’s why paper and pen works so beautifully).

The directive: I set aside some time (at least 30 - 60min) every morning to do my daily planning on a blank piece of paper in a notebook (I keep all my notebooks - expanding the library).

The planning can include ideation around interesting concepts or creative outcomes.

At the end of the session, do a review and decide which items to action today/now or in the future (who, when, how, where, why) and which items to transfer (who, when, where, how, why) and which items to kill (who, when, where, how, why).

This will change your life.

Some Inspiration:

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