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Short: I think sustainability is great (it should be great)

“How hard can it be?” - Jeremy Clarkson

Sustainability should not just be boring reporting and doing what has been done before... it should be everything we strive for. Everything that we need.

What was the last thing that made you say “now, that’s kinda cool”? “Now, that's something to be proud of”?

It’s about making a real tangible interesting awesome change/existence for the better...

be it by reducing/improving our impact/harmony on nature and/or by saving resources, be it in the form of natural, the environment, people, money, time and the likes… improving our sense of self and the community

Finding interesting things to explore and develop to solve your resourcing, engagement and the world’s most important problems...

We all have an obligation to save the world... save it for the people, save it for the animals, save it for plants, mountains, dreams, oceans, clouds, sun, rain, wind, save it in the now and the future

Without you and me, who is going to make a positive everlong impact in the place we ravage/conserve as home, work, play and holiday

It’s not that hard, we all need to start somewhere and just do it, it’s cool and will hopefully save you money, the appeal of saving (loss aversion).

“Get the right people, connect them to something bigger than themselves, and let them do their thing” - Kriste Dragon


Further thinking and reading…

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