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Entrepreneurial Projectification

So I was lucky enough to get a speaking opportunity at the South African PM Summit of 2019. My topic “Entrepreneurial Projectification’, this is how it went… briefly, with key takeaways.

The Character… a handsome young man… no good story starts with everything went well, something must have happened. Engineer turned PM with an MBA jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down with some truly amazing people.

The Transformative Period… the power of a midlife crises(ies). Realising that you only get to do life once. It's all about spending your limited time in a wise, mindful and meaningful manner - all of those wonderful phrases are luckily driven and imagined though your hammered-framework and what is important to you, the real you. Knowing that you have limited time left, makes you (me), turn things upside down and gets you determined; as it is “the most important thing in your life will take priority”. The most important thing for me is creating value and spending my time in an absolutely awesome way.

What this means is… What have you achieved? Real value (your measurement of value)? If nothing, then start the change now - it’s never too late, just start. There is never a good time, but start preparing. Malcolm Gladwell can remind you of the 10,000 hour rule, so start getting the hours in.

  • Marketing and Economics The Supply and Demand of creating value and competing on differentiation. If they love you, they will promote for you, they will fight for you, they will care The “they” are the people and businesses that sees value and are willing to pay for you, because you deliver in a unique and pleasing way.

  • Strategy Getting to where you want to be; how hard can it be? You have stuff, amazing stuff, you make a plan and execute like a champion.

  • A meaningful mantra What speaks to you, for focus and determination; the saying, that will get you to walk through walls and chase the vision.

  • Planning - Ask good questions. Questions are more important than answers, in the times of uncertainty and continuous learning. Saving grace is surrounding yourself with amazing and extraordinary people.”you are the average of the 5 people, you spend the most time with” and “if you are the smartest guy in the room, you are in the wrong room” -get in the right room with the right people.

  • GRIT Be passionate (warning), be determined , be resilient, have perseverance , BE MINDFULL

*Passion warning, your passion should not be the only driver that got you the point of success and placed you in a position to make the jump as an entrepreneur. The thing that got you there is by being “so good that they can't ignore you” and that takes, time, talent, effort and “passion”. To use your skills (hopefully more than one) that creates something that is unique. That which makes you great; being a business, the stuff that differentiates you that people are willing to pay for.

Credit where credit is due:

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