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Construction Management

Construction Management
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A Brief History

That Interesting Company was founded in 2017 after 10 years of incubation and preparation.


The company was conceptualised to provide interesting people with the possibility to break conventional thinking and do a wide ranging scope of activities in new and interesting ways. We have a passion for creating and being part of an ecosystem of interesting individuals striving to find innovative solutions to problems by helping them to manage the chaos inherent to innovation. Solutions are crafted through an in-depth understanding of project management in combination with other skill sets like business management, economics, marketing and engineering.


Each solution is shaped to address the real need.

“Culture will eat strategy for breakfast”

- Peter Drucker


We use project management as a base to develop bespoke solutions to your unique problems. We believe in applying multiple skill sets to craft solutions that might not fit the conventional box. Additionally, we are a fun bunch of interesting individuals that are highly driven, creative, collaborative and realistic.



We manage:

  • Project(s) - Yes, actual project management (PMI)

  • Program - A collection of projects

  • Portfolio - A collection of programs

  • Business - The kind they teach you at business school

  • Sustainability - Live long and prosper



Our core rules governing our actions over and above our values and ethics:

  • Be useful

  • Be so good they can't ignore you

  • Be a collaborative part of the ecosystem

  • Be your interesting self


“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” - Jim Rohn



Founder & Project Manager

Gideon Grobler
Founder & Project Manager

Combining skills in the ecosystem to generate innovation. “Start-ups are awesome, you get to do unconventional ground breaking things at speed.” “People provide the opportunity to continuously learn, share ideas and change the world. It's through relationships that we are in the fortunate position to be part of life changing creations. Bring needs to build solutions. I am an engineer by training, professional project manager by profession with an MBA to keep me interested.”

Founder & Project Manager

Project Manager

Henriette Nel
Project Manager

Only if you get out of the boat, will you know that you can walk on water”; “live a life without regrets; follow your heart; be honest and always true to yourself and everyone.

Project Manager

Project Manager

Matthew Scott
Project Manager

The platitude of motivational oratory – Never complain, work hard, enjoy the little things in life and trust that everything will work out. My tenet is slightly different – Never stop questioning why things are the way they are. Depart from the ordinary and pursue change. Be ambitious in life but most importantly be a part of something constructive. This would invariably require an element of team work. We all have a responsibility to put our gifts at the disposal of others.

Project Manager

Project Manager

Candice Oelofse
Project Manager

“We don’t meet people by accident. They cross our paths for a reason.” Received my degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Johannesburg and have joined the group of interesting people to follow my passion for project management. “If you find something you love and you are really good at, then don't let go and evolve”

Project Manager

Project Manager

Christoff Kruger
Project Manager

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” - A. Warhol.

When we don't change with the world, the world will pass us by. We must adapt, learn and innovate, even with the smallest of things. Engineering is one of the routes to stimulate such thinking, and hence I found myself in the rabbit hole. Passion for technology and science with a dash of revolutionization.

Project Manager

Project Manager

Deo Amar
Project Manager

I enjoy being active and listening to music. If there’s a strong beat in the background, my feet will tap. 
I love my family and my faith takes centre stage in my life. My heart is young, and I hope it will forever remain so. 
I endeavour to do my best at whatever task presents itself and to drink deep of the pool of knowledge around me. 
A great hope of mine is to touch the lives of the people I meet, be it in a small or big way.
“Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, so live today” – Keanu Reeves

Project Manager

“Divide the crowd to create innovation”  - Gideon Grobler


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