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KFC Randfontein Refurbishment

Jul - 2018

3 Months

R 2.3 Million

Project Management & Cost Management

The KFC in Randfontein is located at Randfontein Station mall and is undergoing a refurbishment to MBFK standards, the refurbishment includes reducing the size of the store and handing back the balance of the store to the landlord. Therefore the project consists of 2 components:

  1. The refurbishment of both front and back of house.
    The front house reduced from 110m² to 60m² (A 45% reduction in floor space)
    The back house reduced from 190m² to 140m² (A 25% reduction in floor space)
    (Total area of the store will be reduced from 300m² to 200m² (A 33% reduction in floor space)

    The refurbishment includes the following scope of work:
    - Replacement of finishes and most services
    - Replacement of furniture fittings and equipment (most)
    - Replacement of Branding and Signage
  2. Reinstate the space that is being given back to the landlord as a white box.
    The space will be 100m², currently used for the dry & freezer storage as well as the grease & fat collector.
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