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KFC False Bay Fit-Out

Jul - 2019

4 Months

Project Management

The project includes a complete fit-out of a new KFC store at Shell in False Bay. The store size will be roughly 198m2 with internal seating for 24 customers. The store will be a fit-out inside the Shell on the N2. The fit-out includes the final fix of services, finishes, furniture, fittings and equipment to render a functional KFC as per the approved YUM drawings and specifications.

The project involves all stages from 1 to 6.

Inception and conceptual design stages consisted of developing the project’s scope and battery limits with all relevant stakeholders:

Detailed design and procurement stages consisted out of defining all particulars for the full scope and setting up a detailed BOQ on which a competitive tender process was done. The received tenders were adjudicated and all relevant contractors appointed.

The construction stage commenced straight after appointments. Constant managing of all directs and selects were managed with minimal scope changes. Parallel with the construction stage, all statutory certificates processes were managed alongside the contractor's program.

The close-out stage ensured all snags were completed on the store ensuring strict convergence on the KFC MBFK standards. The client was supplied with the necessary hand over documentation and a fully operational store ready for trading.


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