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Better Place International (BPI) Mombasa Healthcare Facility

May - 2020


Project Management

The Zoslu project is situated in Mombasa, Kenya and will add 18 operating rooms - doubling the total number of surgical rooms in the Coastal Region and tripling the capacity. The World Health Organization’s 2030 goal is to provide 5000 operations per 100,000 people per year in low-to-mid income countries. The Zoslu project is a first of its kind in the world. Zoslu will provide seven surgical speciality services, namely; General surgery, Pediatric surgery, ObGyn, Orthopedic surgery, ENT, Plastic surgery and Ophthalmology.

Zoslu can accommodate 184 beds for recovery, 30 perioperative beds and seven critical care beds. Single patient rooms can have a capacity of 92 beds. The facility is fully self-sufficient with regard to energy, water and waste management

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