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Jul - 2020

5 Months

EPC - Project Management

The new 300-bed permanent hospital is due to the requirement to add additional beds to the existing Jubilee Hospital in Hammanskraal as part of the state's response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The facilities consisted of 5 Clusters of 25 ICU beds, subtotal 125 Beds & 5 Clusters of 35 Covid HighCare beds, subtotal 175 Beds; a total bed allocation of 300 beds.

The request for proposal was issued in May 2020, through an Engineer, Procure and Construct (“EPC”) model, Letter of Appointment was received in June 2020, with detailed design and construction starting in July 2020, achieving a complete and commissioned facilities handed over for use in November 2020. The design included the integration of the new facilities with the existing hospital facilities. The design is based on a modular approach to facilitate future changes and expansion.

The most important thing was to handover a permanent fit for purpose facility in the shortest period with the constraints of the desired quality and functionality in a pandemic constrained environment.

The EPC consisted of several key companies, Concor for the procurement and construction; That Interesting Company for project management, Osmond Lange Architects for architecture; and Dihlase for electrical and mechanical engineering; and, CivEc for civil and structural engineering.

The GDID Jubilee COVID-19 300 ICU project was a Finalist for the PMI Project of the Year Award for 2022, Winners of 2022 PMI® Awards.

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