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Netcare Program and PSU System Management

Sep - 2018

6 Months

Program Manager & Project Support

Primary Care Division

Successful delivery of capital expenditure projects in terms of project scope against time, resource and cost constraints during the entire lifecycle of the project

Netcare properties are to support the execution of projects at Medicross and Akeso facilities, through a single point of control to the Property Division. The Scope of Services will place specific emphasis on the following:

    • Develop and maintain a Project Register for all the Medicross and Akeso Projects;
    • Assist in the prioritization of projects for planning and execution with the key human resources;​
    • Assist with funding approval;
    • Provide guidance in terms of professional team appointment(s) linked to services in delivering the project(s).
    • Provide guidance in terms of contractor appointment(s) linked to services in delivering the project(s).
    • Assist with the review and oversight of contracts executed at the facility level;
    • Provide guidance on statutory and legal compliance associated with construction and implementation projects;
    • Assist the facility with cash-flow forecasting to be included in the Project Register;
    • Drive facility project(s) to comply with Property Division Processes and Procedures;
    • Drive facility or selected project manager to request, update and maintain the project(s) on PPO;
    • Provide guidance on invoicing and associated supporting information to process payments;
    • Assist Coastal in PSU system updates and maintenance


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