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Netcare Care On Digitisation

Feb - 2020

9 Months

Project Management

Netcare has embarked on a Clinical Patient Record Digitisation project. This project needed to ensure adequate infrastructure is available at the hospitals that would undergo digitisation.

The project required a comprehensive project program plan to assess the current infrastructure and equipment readiness for the digitisation rollout.

Execution of such a plan ensured a thorough report on all required equipment upgrades or modifications as well as the necessary network and electrical infrastructure needed to complete the project.

The detailed report per hospital allowed a thorough bill of quantities. Contractors and consultants submitted pricing based on the bill of quantities. As such, the project program could be adhered to with minimal scope variance.


Project plans were done on

  • Parklane
  • Garden City
  • N17
  • Sunward Park
  • Linmed


The project is in process and has been affected by COVID-19 national lockdown. As such, all investigation of equipment is managed remotely with the close partnership of the hospital managers to ensure accurate information.

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